Camila Velandia 


Camila Velandia is an entrepreneur born and raised in Medellin, Colombia, and has lived and studied in Germany, USA, Australia and Canada. Along with her sister Valeria, they created Miel, the popular underwear line for active women, manufactured in Colombia. In 2014 Camila and her sister Valeria were recognized by the Colombian government as  "The 100 Colombianos" for the most notable Colombians that live out of the country. Their interest in practical solutions for underprivileged women in high burden countries, led them to select Motherfood as Miel's cause related marketing partner. With every miel item purchased, Miel Sisters will donate a nutrient-rich prenatal bar to a pregnant and lactating women.

Camila helps guide Motherfood on women's entrepreneurship, production and social context of marketing in South America.