Seeking to transform the systems that perpetuate malnutrition and poverty.

Our goal:

Maternal Nutrition.

We believe that food will change the world. Malnutrition is the leading cause of the intergenerational transfer of poverty. We seek to transform the cycles perpetuating malnutrition and poverty by giving adolescent, pregnant, and lactating women nutritious, affordable, and locally appealing food options.



A 2016 Harvard and Grand Challenges Canada study found that the leading cause of stunting is poor fetal growth, largely due to poor maternal nutrition. This makes early childhood interventions too late. Experts have called for a paradigm shift from nutrition programs that focus solely on children to ones that also address malnutrition in adolescent girls and pregnant and lactating women.




around the world are estimated to be stunted.



in high burden countries are malnourished particularly iron and folate deficiencies.


Billion dollars per year

is the cost of children not reaching their full potential due to irreversible damage to their brain development.



Malnutrition remains an issue in 156 countries. Under the Copenhagen Consensus, 65 of the world's leading economists declared that bundled micronutrient interventions are the best investment in terms of social return. Investing micronutrients during the first 1000 days of life helps prevent life long disabilities.


Our Solution

MotherFood International has two scalable, sustainable models that achieve very high acceptability rates and creates market-based access to great tasting, low cost, fortified foods to improve female nutrition. These products simultaneously stimulate local economies and eliminate the stigma associated with rations. Together with global and local partners, we develop very affordable, fortified health bars that are designed for local palates, exclusively using local agricultural ingredients, local factories and women-led distribution networks. By working with local women and farmers we increase the value of the local agricultural food chain and support local female entrepreneurs.


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