Jeffrey Baikowitz 


Jeffrey Baikowitz founded his first social enterprise Encore Waste Management, while he was a Student at McGill University at the age of 19.  It grew to become one of Montreal’s largest recycling companies. Since then he has helped co-found over 20 successful start-ups, including Canada’s leading branded antimicrobial company as well as the Victoria Park Wellness Center, and several of Canada’s top 20 restaurants.

Jeff  has served in a leadership role on many non-profit boards throughout the past 20 years and attended Harvard Business School’s Social Enterprise Initiative Program on Governing for Non-Profit Excellence. In addition to founding Motherfood International, Jeff was the co-founder and Inaugural Chairman of the McGill University Social Economy Initiative. Jeff also served as the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Boards of Street Kids International and Leave Out Violence (Central). While Jeffrey was the Chairman of Street Kids International it was recognized by the UN as one of the world’s top 20 youth serving organizations. 

As a Quantum Shift Fellow, Jeffrey was recognized by the Richard Ivey School of Business and KPMG in 2005 as one of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs. He is also the 2012 Ford Motor Company ‘Go Further’ recipient and the inaugural Notable.Ca award winner for Social Good.