Seeking to transform the systems that perpetuate malnutrition and poverty.


MotherFood International has started with a scalable model that brings great tasting, low cost, fortified foods to women, by women.

Together with global and local partners, we develop very affordable, fortified health bars that are designed for local palates, exclusively using local agricultural ingredients, local factories and women-led distribution networks. By working with local women entrepreneurs and farmers we increase the value of the local agricultural food chain and significantly increase the acceptability and effectiveness of the solution.


Local Manufacturers

MotherFood works with existing local food companies to develop new convenient, foods that can compete favorably with the current multinational offerings. Our partners sell these high quality affordable foods at sliding scale pricing, with profits from the sales in middle-income and high income communities helping to subsidize sales to communities with a higher burden of vulnerable and malnourished people.


For remote regions and refugee camps, MotherFood has recently developed a health bar 'factory without walls' that provides local female entrepreneurs with all the equipment and training required to manufacture about 5,000 bars per day. The equipment requires no electricity, and is very simple to operate and maintain.