Eric Kimmel


Eric Kimmel has spent the last twenty years in the food industry.  Based in Montreal, Canada, he is one of the owners of Noble Foods, a leading energy bar manufacturer in North America.  Primarily focused in Business Development and Research and Development, he spent the last two decades growing the bar industry in the United States and has been at the forefront of nutritional and fortification trends.  Noble Foods is a premier bar manufacturing facility in Montreal that designs and co-packs snack and meal replacement bars for some of the North America’s largest diet and direct to consumer brands.  As one of the founders of the company, Eric has helped hundreds of major brands design and market bars that are both functional and delicious.

Prior to starting Noble Foods, Eric created and was the Director of the Franchise Support Department for the Mad Science Group, an education based franchise business in Montreal.  Eric was the very first franchisee and, after having built his business in Toronto, he bought the flagship location in Montreal and helped grow the system to over 130 franchises worldwide.  Eric has tremendous experience helping small and medium sized businesses to understand their local market and develop their brand.