Daniel Martinez


Born in Colombia, Daniel Martinez passion for art and design started at a young age. At 17 years old, he moved to Montreal to pursue a college degree in Fine Arts but later dropped out while working in various high-end restaurants. This enabled Daniel to see the meaning of "customer experience", thus, enhancing his drive for creativity and business. Inspired by what he learned, Daniel returned to school and achieved a Bachelor degree in Design Arts from Concordia University. It didn't take long before job opportunities started to present itself, with a keen eye to detail, natural networking skills and a professional yet, laid back attitude towards work. Throughout the last seven years, he's helped clients from all industries in their branding, graphic, web design, and marketing strategies.

Daniel’s creativity is limitless. An actual entrepreneur at heart, he has taken business development and design to new places and successfully opened Vic Collective, a coworking space in Westmount, Montreal. Though always staying true to himself, Daniel's goal is to impact others through his accomplishments and he hopes to do so supporting Motherfood international with any creative and marketing projects.